Dissemination conference on harmonization of preschool education curricula in Serbia

07.11.2016. Novi Sad, RS

Consortium implementing the TEMPUS TEACH project (2013-2016), gathered on Friday 04 November 2016, more than 100 ECEC stakeholders at project dissemination conference dedicated to preschool teacher curricula harmonization issue. The conference was held at the amphitheater of the Teacher Training College Novi Sad, while among participants were numerous professors, lecturers, students, teachers and managers of teacher training colleges, leaders of teachers professional associations, representatives of national, provincial and local educational authorities, parents’ associations, non-governmental organizations, the media and representatives of international partner universities: Manchester Metropolitan University from the UK, the Faculty of Education, University of Maribor and Etvos Jozef College in Baja, Hungary.

Topics discussed at the conference included the common experience within the TEACH project, about:

– the process of curricula harmonization;

– improving teaching and didactic methodology/skills;

– improving transversal skills;

– curricula accreditation and purchase of new equipment;

– how we communicated and positioned the project and the topic within the public opinion;

– sustainability and exploitation of the results and achievements;

– our commitment to quality assurance;

– management of heterogeneous consortium.

During the ceremonial introduction, the audience was addressed by: Ms. Anamarija Viček, State Secretary for Pre-University Education at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development; Mr. Zoran Milošević, Provincial Secretary for Higher Education and scientific research; Mr. Zoran Avramović, Director of the Institute for the Advancement of Education; and Ms. Jovanka Ulić, director of the Teacher Training College Novi Sad and also the host of the conference and Ms. Jelena Prtljaga, project coordinator, and director of the Teacher Training College “Mihajlo Palov” from Vršac.

During the first session, Ms. Geraldine Lee-Treweek from Manchester Metropolitan University presented the curricula harmonization process between 4 colleges in Serbia. This process was led by a team of experts from the Manchester Metropolitan University lead by prof. Lee Treweek, and including prof. Jenifer Fisher and prof. Julia Bennet.  Professor Mr. Miran Muhič from the Faculty of Education in Maribor and Mr. Marko Stojanović from “WEBIN – Western Balkans Institute from Belgrade, delivered presentations about work packages dealing with improvement of methodical-didactic and transversal skills. Prof. Maria Kanizsai from the College Etvos Jozef from Baja in Hungary, spoke about the importance of student practice. Prof. Ivan Tomić from the Preschool Teacher Training College Kruševac presented the accreditation process as well as the process of purchasing technical equipment and softwares. Prof. Tanja Nedimović from the Teacher Training College “Mihailo Palov” from Vrsac presented how the project communicated with the public and stakeholders. Prof. Otilija Velišek-Braško from Novi Sad, prof. Gordana Mijailović from Sremska Mitrovica and prof. Jelena Prtljaga from Vrsac presented the work packages dealing with sustainability, quality assurance and project management.

The afternoon session was dedicated to professional development of preschool teachers. We talked about the challenges existing in the system of professional development of teachers, the catalogs and the quality of training, and the quality assurance in professional development. Key-note speakers in this session were: Ms. Olivera Todorović from the Institute for Improvement of Education, Ms. Radmila Petrović, president of the Preschool Teacher Association of Vojvodina and Ms. Ljiljana Dragutinović, president of the Preschool Teacher Association of  Belgrade. The session was moderated by Mr. Marko Stojanović from WEBIN.

Conclusions of the conference in Serbian language, you may find here.